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Hassan Baqy Hassan Company is the only agent of Mihan Dairy & Ice cream procuducts for more than 11 years in the region and Iraq. Iraq and Kurdistan region are considered as the biggest market for Mihan products.
Mihan products are fresh and of highest quality that meet the consumers need of nutrition and enjoyment of safe and healthy milk products. In response to the high deemand on Mihan products in the region and Iraq, the company has always worked to meet the need of its valuable customers.
Mihan factory is operating and providing its products for more than 40 years, till now more than 4000 workers are working in this factory and the production line is full automatic.
The shelf life of Mihan product varies between one month to one year. The products are free of conservative chemicals. The basic items of Mihan products are ice cream that comes in different flavours and shapes, low and full fat UHT milk, feta cheese, flavored milk, fresh yogurt and ayran.