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Hasan Baqi Hasan Company

Hasan Baqi Hasan holds five exclusive agencies for Iraq covering different lines such as dairy, pastries, fruit juice and confectioneries.

Hasan Baqi Hasan Company  works on building brands that stand the test of time to evolve and grow with you and your family. In addition to nutrition and taste our brands provides a complete lifestyle choice.

Our company makes sure to built its brands on their core values of quality, trust and integrity.  We constantly work on improving the quality of products to meet the need and the taste of our customers, thus we stay ahead and keep the market leadership.

In each city the company ownes major warehouses and cold store and equipped with transportation facilities that ensures the delivery of the orders on daily basis depending on hot sale system.

The company covers 1000 sales points from supermarkets and small shops in each city. 

Our winning brands are:

1. MIHAN: Dairy and Ice cream
2. TAKMAKARON: Pastries
3. SUNICH: Fruit juice